How its made

The two things that make Organic Kingdom taste so good is the quality of our organic milk and our cheese making experience. The main ingredient of cheese is milk. In fact, to make 1lb of cheese you need 10lbs of milk (that’s the equivalent of about 1.2 gallons of milk).

Organic Kingdom Cheddar is made from delicious organic milk, the product of a small number of handpicked, organic family farms nestled away in the countryside of South West England
– the birthplace of cheddar.

Our family farms are specially chosen for their passion.
They work with nature to produce top quality organic milk for our cheese. Find out more about the organic standards they follow here.

The temperature climate of South West England means that our cows enjoy grazing on a virtual smorgasbord of grasses and legumes, which impart a unique flavor to the milk, which in turn bestows a unique set of complex flavour notes on our cheddars.

Our expert cheese makers add dairy cultures and then vegetarian rennet to the milk to produce curds and whey. The whey is then drained away and the curds are then pressed into cheese moulds. The cheese is then allowed to age and is then graded according to the different strength of flavors required