Free to roam and grass fed

Welcome to Organic Kingdom, where as a group of small family farms based in the green and rolling hills of the United Kingdom, we take pride in producing the very highest quality organic milk…..Not only because we believe that organic farming is better for the cows, the land and the environment, but also because we know that milk produced this way makes for the best tasting cheese. And we love our cheese.

Our cows are free to roam and grass fed, and their milk bestows a unique set of complex flavour notes on our wonderful cheddars, that are expertly crafted in the birthplace of Cheddar, in Somerset UK.

Non GMO No antibioticsNo growth hormonesNo pesticides

Our Product Range

From smooth and creamy, to bold and distinctive our tasty range of cheddars are all made from organic milk and perfect for any occassion.

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We Love Organic

Organic is a guaranteed standard. For a product to be called organic, it has to be produced according to the strict USDA organic standards. 

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Delicious Recipes

AWhether you’re looking for new recipes or ideas to use Organic Kingdom, we’ve got some amazing recipes to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect dish.

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Meet our farmers

We work with small groups of carefully selected organic, family-run farms. Our farmers arepassionate about organic farming.

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Latest news from the field
Omsco comes 1st in the Best Organic Hard Cheese class in the first ever Virtual Cheese Awards